Before COVID19, many churches video recorded their live services and shared them online for people to view.  During and after COVID19, it became apparent that not only did people want to just watch church online, they wanted to participate in church online.  Elevate has recommitted ourselves as a church to not only providing you a way to view church services that occur, but to provide ways for you to participate as a part of our Elevate family from where ever you are.  

You are just as much a part of Elevate as the people who attend services in-person are.  Our mission at Elevate is to connect people with God and each other.  We are excited to offer you these unique ways to do just that online:

As a part of the Elevate family, we also invite you to partner and participate with us in the following ways:

The Future

Online isn't going anywhere.  It isn't like the VCR or 8-track tapes - the internet is here to stay.  It is our job as the Church to always be adapting and growing with the world and with culture in order to share the message of Jesus, which transcends world and culture.  As Elevate furthers our commitment to treating our online participants more like family members and less like viewers, As such, some ideas and plans we have for our online campus include:

  • Lift Groups specifically for online participants

  • Virtual events and services

  • Worship experiences beyond our regular service

  • and more!

You are a part of the Elevate family, too.  We are happy to help you connect with God and each other, from where ever you happen to be.

Next Steps

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